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Ration & Beverage Heating System For Field Use




Milpack Fuel Gel (PyroPac) Military version has been approved and contracted by the Department of Logistics Agency (DLA) as the replacement for Trioxane Fuel bars used for years by the US Army.  A safer and greater heat source for combustion per unit mass was needed to replace the old "Heat Tabs".  In addition to improve efficiency it has reduced the weight burden of the soldier and provided a non restrictive transportable product...YES, this can go on an airplane!!!


  1. How can the Back Packer Soldier get a safe hot beverage and a heated entree' at the same time at a reasonable cost?

  2. How do you easily and safely get hot water available in field combat?

  • Where do you get hot water for personal hygiene?


    The patented Gelled Energy Source Product is supplied through the World Wide Marketing Right of Hartman Enterprises.

      This Energy Source, the PyroPac was developed to provide a product to heat your beverage and entree' at the same time in less than eight minutes.  If needed, it is even possible to continue boiling to achieve purified water while out in the field.  YES, if it continued to boil will purify your water.

    This product was designed to use only what you need with no waste, using

    "Green Sense"

    It was designed and developed to provide an efficient heat source for the Back Packer Soldier, and had to be safe, odorless, smokeless, non restrictive, economical, non toxic and yet friendly with our environment.  PyroPac does just that and more.  It has an indefinite shelf life and when used as instructed is considered a




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    PyroPac and MilPack fire gel and MRE heater

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    For The FIRST TIME EVER...

    This Amazing Product Is Available To Consumers Like You And I...


    NOW there is an inexpensive alternative to dangerous and toxic fire starters...Just Light The Gel and Start Heating Water or Cooking Instantly !!!

    ALSO...Great for those hard to start camp fires... and can have charcoal ready to cook on in less than ten minutes.



    The heat generated from burning our Patented PyroPac Fuel Gel in our quick assemble stove Burns at about 1400 to 1500 degrees and will raise the temperature of a 14 ounce cup of water to a boil within about 8 minutes to heat food pouches, etc.  The gel can then keep the water at boiling temperatures for 5 minutes or longer to purify it for a heated beverage.



    Because the gel burns with a steady clear blue flame with low luminosity, the flame is all but invisible to the naked eye and therefore safer to use in a combat situation as compared to other heating alternatives.



    Because of its high ignition point and low vapor pressure, there are no restrictions on how the PyroPac Fuel Gel Product can be shipped.  It is not classified as hazardous before, during, or after it is used.  It's even safe to transport by airplane.  The gel is water soluble and non-toxic with little to no generation of odor, vapor, or smoke emissions while burning.  The residue remaining after use is a small amount of environmentally safe sandy powder that can be blended into the soil base leaving no trace behind... See the MSDA Report by clicking Here!!


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